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Battle Fun is a game that entertains young children to adults. It can be played by the whole family. It can be played outdoors at a campsite, or on the beach, or in a sand box. It is much bigger than a board game, and has more action. The cannon actually fire rubber cannon balls. Shaking the battle box determines the outcome of battles between enemy soldiers. And strategy plays the key role on every move - with choices and options made by each “General”. How do you get such a fun game? You print the game pieces yourself on your 3D printer: soldiers, castle towers and walls, assault ladders, and the cannons. You also print the battle box and its lid. Order the STL files for this game from Maker Models, and you get the Game Rules, the instructions on how to assemble the cannon parts, and attach the castle doors that actually open and close. Make this game for yourself on your own 3D printer. Or click on the menu options above to see other games and products.

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Maker Models is in the business of designing complete games and working products that can be 3D printed and assembled by yourself. We sell the STL files - you manufacture your own stuff. We provide all the instructions that you need.

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Our online purchasing software enables you to download the files you purchase immediately. You can print as many parts from the files as you want. Our only license restriction is that you don’t sell or give away our intellectual property - our STL and PDF files - to others, nor use them to manufacture games and products commercially.