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    Battle Fun Game

    Battle Fun is an original and unique game. It is much bigger than a board game; it is played on larger open spaces, indoors or outdoors. It can be taken on vacations and camping trips, and played on beaches or a campground as well as on a floor or a large table. Unlike video games, there is plenty of opportunity for players (families) to interact with each other; it can be played by young children up through adults, and everyone will have fun. Because there is an opportunity for strategy decisions on every move, every game turns out differently.

    You buy the STL files for each of the parts: the soldiers, the castle walls and towers, the cannon, the assault ladders. Print the parts on your 3D printer. Add some rubber cannon balls and dowels for ram-rods, and a pair of dice. We provide the rules to play the game, as well as some instructions on how the cannon goes together, and how to hang the gates on the castle walls so that they open and close. Below are some shots of some kids playing the game, to give some idea of what playing the game is like:
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    Moving a soldier into the attack, according to the number on the dice. Generals can move one soldier a lot, or a lot of soldiers a little - according to the strategy they choose.

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    Or, the general (and helper) can line up and fire the cannon.

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    When enemy soldiers are engaged they go into the Battle Box with your attackers. A few shakes will determine who is still standing.

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    Check the Battle Box. Which soldiers are still in the game, which are wounded, and which ones have died?

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    Every move entails strategy decisions.

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    Using the ram rod to get the cannon ready for another shot.

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    The Battle Fun game parts all fit in a plastic case. If you are going to take a game along to the beach, or out to the sand box, or into the mountains, a cardboard box just won’t do.

    The insert pieces for the case are 3D printed. They hold the castle towers and walls, and the cannon in place. All of the soldiers fit inside the battle box, which fits in the middle of the case. At the front middle of the case is a smaller box (which you can 3D print) with a hinged lid. Inside that smaller box go the dice, the ram rods, the assault ladders and the all-important cannon balls.

    The plastic case, is a tough injection-molded case with a built-in handle, and snap-tabs to hold it shut. You can buy it from us at Maker Models, since you have to buy them by the case from the manufacturer.

    You can also buy the cannon balls, dice and ram rods from us if you choose. We also sell the springs that go inside the cannon to make them fire. We want it to be easy for you to 3D print the game pieces and then be able to assemble your game and get playing.
    Part Description of the STL files for the parts that make up the Battle Fun game.
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    Soldiers. Each General will need at least 20 soldiers in his army. (Armies can be as large as desired, but 20 allows for a game of about 45 minutes.) Each army must be in its own color. These soldiers have a one inch square base. That serves as the distance guide for moves, in any direction. The four-sided base also serves well when soldiers are put into the Battle Box, to decide the outcome of a battle. Soldiers that remain standing or are lying face up have survived to fight another day. Soldiers lying face down are dead. Soldiers lying on their side are wounded.
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    Castle Towers. Each castle needs four towers in a color that matches the color of the soldiers for that army. The towers are slotted, and hold up the castle walls. They can be quickly assembled and taken back apart to put away the game.
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    Castle Entry Wall with Gate. The entrance to the castle is controlled by two swinging gates. The gates hinge on two pins - the kind that have round plastic heads, like those you get when you buy a new dress shirt. Gates are important to the game, because the object of the game is to capture the castle of your enemy. One way to do that is to ram open the gates and storm the castle.
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    Castle Walls. Besides the front wall and gate, each castle needs three additional walls. These walls are slotted to match the castle towers. They also lie flat in the carrying case, so they don’t take up much room.
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    Cannon. You will need two cannon, one each for each army. The cannon are printed in three parts. There is the barrel and the firing plunger which fits inside the barrel. A spring is added between the plunger and the end of the barrel. Then the barrel is glued into the cannon base. It is pretty simple, but it works reliably over time. The cannon is cocked by using a wooden dowel (the ram rod) to push the plunger back into the barrel until the end comes out the back of the cannon and catches. Then a cannon ball is loaded into the barrel. To shoot, the shooter simply lifts up the end of the plunger at the back of the cannon. The spring will do the firing.
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    Assault Ladder. You will need two assault ladders, one for each army. Assault ladders can be put up against the wall of the enemy’s castle. Then, on the throw of dice, soldiers can go over the wall to make an attack inside the enemy castle.
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    Battle Box. You will need one Battle Box with lid. Soldiers that engage each other in battle are put into the battle box, and then the box is shaken. The soldiers inside will end up in various positions, from still standing to lying face up, or face down, or on their sides. Their position in the Battle Box at this point determines how each soldier has survived the fight.
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    Plastic Case Insert. These 6 pieces create the parts holder section that goes inside the plastic case. They hold the Castle Towers and Walls and the Cannon, and leave space for the Battle Box and the Parts Holder. You get the STL files for these parts when you buy a plastic case from us.
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    Parts Box with lid. These two parts create the parts box that fits inside the Plastic Case. This box holds the cannon balls, the assault ladders, the ram rods, and the dice. The lid hinges (using a pin through the hinge) and closes with a molded-in latch. It holds the small parts in place when you carry the game to all the different places that you want to play. You get the STL files for the parts box when you buy a plastic case from us.
    License Agreement: When you purchase any STL files from this site you may use those files to print all of the copies you want for your own non-commercial use. You agree that you will not share or redistribute those files to anyone else. You agree to honor the intellectual property and not copy the designs. You agree that you will not use the files to manufacture products for commercial sale.
    Product Note: products will be available for sale again in a year - after we return from a church mission Price
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    Battle Fun Game STL files and instructions. You get all the STL files you need to print every part needed for the game. These files can be downloaded immediately upon check-out as part of the payment process. You get a PDF of the rules on how to play the game, and a PDF to print the labels for the Battle Box and Parts Box. And you get instructions on how to assemble and use the cannon, and how set up the game. A list of the additional parts you will need is included, or you can just purchase the Parts Kit below, and all the parts you need will be mailed to you.


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    Battle Fun Parts Kit. This kit includes 10 rubber cannon balls, 2 springs for the cannon, 2 dowels for the ram rods, 2 dice, 4 pins for the gate hinges, the Game Rules printed in full color, printed self-adhesive and die-cut labels for the Battle Box and Parts Box.


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    Plastic Carry Case. This case is a strong injection-molded case that closes tightly and is durable. The STL files to print the insert for the case, and to print the Parts Box holder are included in the files for the game above. The foam cushions and the plastic sleeve to hold the rules sheet are included with each case.