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    Marble Race

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    Marble Race lets up to five players - with their own color of marble - race around the track. Lift the starting lever, and the marbles race out of their individual starting gates toward the base of the rotating lift. The marbles can pass each other at the bottom of the rotating lift, and at every curve on the downward race track.

    The game engages and entertains race after race, as players and spectators watch the lead constantly changing.

    Each race can be for a set number of laps. or for a set time. When the race ends, you push down the start-stop lever, and the marbles line up in winning order.

    Using the included race results Talley sheet, the game can extend to a “racing season”. Marble Racers are awarded points for each race: 5 points for first place, 4 for second place, etc. Then you have multiple races. It is not necessary to win every race to be season champion. Just place high enough in each race to accumulate the most points, and you will be the champion.

    This game is for the whole family. Little kids can race bigger kids and adults. It works for all ages at the same time.
    There are 17 different STL parts that make up this game:
    1 part for the starting gate.
    1 part for the starting pegs for the gate.
    1 part for the starting lever that raises and lowers the pegs and the hinge that holds it in place.
    1 part for the rotating lift quarter piece. You print 4 of these pieces and they will screw together.
    1 part for the central hub to which the quarter pieces attach.
    1 part for the bottom infeed chute. This piece holds the marbles that come in from the starting gate and feeds them into the holes of the rotating lift.
    1 part for the top rounded extension, which enables the marbles to exit at the top of the lift.
    1 part for the top catcher that directs the marbles from the lift exit into the first passing chute.
    1 part for the first passing chute.
    1 part for the subsequent passing chutes. Print 2 of these.
    1 part for the holder that fits on the top of the wood support legs. Print 2 of these.
    1 part for the motor mount.
    4 parts for the 4 support legs for the starting gate.
    1 part for the angled support arms that hold up the rotating lift assembly. Print 2 arms.

    You add 2 peg boards cut to size, #4 screws and washers to hold the parts on the peg board, a #2 long screw to secure the rotating lift to the motor shaft, a pin to act as a hinge part for the staring lever, a battery holder with switch, 1/4” washers to add weight to the starting pegs, and some glue to hold some parts in place. An itemized and detailed list, along with complete instructions is included when you buy the STL files for this game.
    Parts to be printed on your 3D printer Description of the parts for the Marble Minions Race Game
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    Starting Gate - notches for five marbles, and holes for the starting pegs. The sloped indeed allows the marbles to race lap after lap by returning the incoming marbles to the base of the rotating lift. At the end of the race the pegs are lifted and the marbles line up in winning order in the chute.
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    Starting Pegs - These pegs are raised up through the starting gate holes, to hold the marbles in their starting positions. The pegs are dropped to start the race. They are lifted to end each race and hold the marbles in place.
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    Starting Lever. This lever lifts the starting pegs up, or lets them fall, in order to start and stop races.

    Starting Lever hinge. This hinge holds the starting lever in place under the Starting gate.
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    Rotating Lift - quarter piece. The rotating lift is made up of four identical quarter pieces.You print 4 of these. They each screw onto the rotating hub, and form the face and holes that catch and lift the marbles as the face is rotated by the motor that turns the hub.

    Rotating Hub. This hub mounts onto the shaft of the motor, and has slots that hold the quarter pieces in place.
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    Bottom Infeed Chute. This piece fits at the base of the rotating lift face. Marbles come into this chute from the starting gate. It holds the marb;es while the rotating lift turns until they find their way into a hole in the lift and are transported to the top to begin a race back to the bottom.
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    Top Face Extension with Exit hole. At the top of the rotating lift, the marbles must exit. The hole in this extension is the right length and shape for the marbles to have enough time to leave the holes in the lift, and exit out the back side.
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    Top Catching Chute. As the marbles exit out of the top of the rotating lift, through the Top Face Extension hole, this chute is mounted where it can catch those marbles and direct them into the raceway that will take them back to the bottom.
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    Top Passing Chute. As the marbles enter the raceway back to the bottom, they are fed into the round curves. These curves are designed to allow the marbles to pass each other, depending on how tight they make the turns. A lot of the passing action takes place every time the marbles enter these passing curves. They fall through the hole in the center and enter into the next passing chute.
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    Passing Chute. The marbles enter two more passing chutes on their way down the raceway. These chutes are each 1.75” lower than the previous chute. Each of the chutes are supported by 2 x 2 wooden legs. (No need to waste plastic on printing tall square posts. The wooden legs are faster to make, need no special shaping, have some weight to make the chutes stable as the marbles swirl around in the passing chutes, and serve the purpose of support.

    Support Leg Holder. On top of each wooden support leg, there is this piece that holds the Passing Chutes firmly in place. These holders are glued to the top of the wooden support legs.
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    Motor Mount. The whole rotating lift is supported by the motor shaft. So the motor must be firmly mounted in place, where it will rotate without wobbling. This mount does the job of holding the motor in place and spacing it exactly the right distance from the peg board so that the moving pieces don’t hit into any of the stationary supporting pieces.
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    Support Legs for the Starting Gate. These legs position the Starting Gate at the right height and angle so that the marbles will feed into the rotating lift. They provide the space under the gate for the Starting Lever and Hinge. And they are the right height to match up with the incoming racing chutes.
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    Angled Support Arms. These hold the motorized rotating lift assembly in the air at the proper angle to the starting gate.
    License Agreement: When you purchase any STL files from this site you may use those files to print all of the copies you want for your own non-commercial use. You agree that you will not share or redistribute those files to anyone else. You agree to honor the intellectual property and not copy the designs. You agree that you will not use the files to manufacture products for commercial sale.
    Product Note: products will be available for sale again in a year - after we return from a church mission Price
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    Marble Race Game STL files and instructions. You get all the STL files you need to print every part needed for the game. These files can be downloaded immediately upon check-out as part of the payment process. You get instructions on how to assemble the game. A list of the additional parts you will need is included, or you can just purchase the Parts Kit below, and all the parts you need will be mailed to you. A race tally sheet master PDF is included so that you can keep track of the results of multiple races and determine an overall champion across many races.


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    Marble Race Parts Kit. This kit includes 10 marbles 2 each of 5 different colors, 23 #4 screws 1/4” long with #4 washers, eight #4 screws 1/4” long, 2 #4 screws 3/8” long with #4 washers, 1 #4 screw 3/8” long, 3 #4 screws 1/2” long, 5 #2 screws 3/4” long, 1 straight pin 1.5” long, 5 flat washers 3/4” OD 5/16 ID, 2 magnetic strips 1” x 1/2” with adhesive backing, 2 peg boards 9” x 11” and 7” x 8 3/4” drilled and notched, 1 2 AA battery case with switch, 1 Solarbotics GM# DC motor with 6” 24 AWG wires red and black soldered onto the terminals, 2 Butt connectors, 2 wood supports made of 2 x 2’s cut to 2 9/16” and 3 15/16” long, 4 adhesive-backed feet. DOES NOT INCLUDE the Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control glue. The photo is just to show you what it looks like; buy this at your local hardware store.