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    Fishing Line Splicer and Knot Tying Tool

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    Fishing Line Slicer. Braided line is the latest and best fishing line, for small diameter, better casting, and better handling on the reel. But it is visible to fish. So, splicing on a fluorocarbon leader line, gives you the best of both worlds - great handling line for casting, and invisible line near the lure.

    But splicing the slippery braided line isn’t so easy. This simple tool, makes it quick and simple. The tool slips on your middle finger (with a velcro band), leaving your thumb and finger available to assist the fingers on your other hand. The rubber pieces at the top are notched, and hold the two types of line together. Now you can quickly tie a Uni-knot in each line around the other one. Pull the knots together and you have a very tiny splice that can be trimmed without butt ends and still hold. It is so small that it casts through the eyelets on your rod without being noticed.

    It works and it is fast.

    And you can print it from a single STL file on your 3D printer. You glue together the 3 parts, which are notched to make that easy. We can provide the notched rubber pieces and the velcro strip. Or you can make your own. Full instructions are included with the STL file.

    This makes a unique gift for the fishermen you know.

    Oh - and besides splicing lines together, it can also be used to tie on hooks, flies and lures. The Uni-knot is one of the best knots for being secure and small. It just isn’t used as much because it used to be a little harder to tie than other knots. But with this tool, it is easier.
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    This is a side view of the tool. The thicker, curved part that fits against your finger is actually sloped to a thin end. It angles the tool, to make it easy for you fingers to pass the line through the looped line on the taller front part of the tool.

    Look up the Uni-knot online. You will see what a versatile and effective knot this is. This tool makes it easy to tie Uni-knots.
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    One single STL file will print all three parts at once. Clip them apart, glue them together, and add the rubber pieces and the velcro strap. You have created your own fishing line splicer and knot tier.
    License Agreement: When you purchase any STL files from this site you may use those files to print all of the copies you want for your own non-commercial use. You agree that you will not share or redistribute those files to anyone else. You agree to honor the intellectual property and not copy the designs. You agree that you will not use the files to manufacture products for commercial sale.
    Product Note: products will be available for sale again in a year - after we return from a church mission Price
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    Fishing Line Splicer STL files. One STL file will print the 3 parts. You can then separate the parts after printing and assemble them. An instruction PDF on how to assemble the files is included. Instructions on how to splice lines together and also how to tie on lures, flies, swivels and hooks to your fishing line using this tool are also included.


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    Fishing Line Splicer Parts Kit. Includes 2 pre-notched rubber grips to hold the fishing line. Also includes a velcro strap that will hold the splicer to your finger. DOES NOT include Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control to glue the parts together and to glue the velcro strap to the part. Buy this glue from your local hardware store.